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One of my favorite things about Summer is hanging out on the lake that my sister and her family live on. It is a slice of the good life: time with family, great food, and activities that I love (especially tubing with my nephew!)

A ritual we all love is gathering around the fire and watching the sunset. Last night I wondered: “Why do we all make such a big deal about a sunset?”

A sunset is magnificent to look at (below was last night’s splendor!) but there is something more going on–indeed, enough to captivate the attention of my 14 year-old daughter and 12 year-old nephew! But what is this indescribable quality that has us heading to the beach, driving to a vista, or taking a sunset cruise?

I believe that as we pause to watch the sun as it sinks gently into the horizon something magical is happening: We are dropping into the present moment.

We suspend play, conversation, eating, even our thoughts momentarily disappear as we watch and share in the wide open space of that moment. THIS, I believe, is the true wonder of a sunset. The beauty, the awe, the close of a day and the promise of a new one are all just bonuses.

The next time you watch a sunset try to observe what is going on in your internal world. That quiet, one-pointed mindful attention is what being in the present moment feels like. Once we notice and experience this, we can recreate it and deepen it elsewhere in our lives: feeling a cool breeze across our face, washing the dishes, petting our cat, listening to music, folding clothes, watching small children at play...

We don’t have to wait until the next awe-inspiring sunset, we just have to practice letting go...and dropping into the present moment!



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Ever wonder why we love our pets so, darn, much?! I wonder about this and I have my theory.

Our pets live in the present moment. They are not ticked off because we wouldn’t play ball earlier, and they are not worried about when they will next be fed.

Our pets live in perfect vibration and harmony with Nature. When we are around them we sense this at a subconscious level. It raises our own vibration and we feel good. –This is what we experience, respond to, and love so much.

When I play fetch, watch my dogs run or play, or just be, I am plugged into their world. I am participating in their joy, right here, right now in the present moment. When I am paying attention to them I am not thinking of email, to-do lists, or that I blew off my morning workout.

When I am engaged with my dogs (Romeo & Juliet above!), I too, am fully present and vibrating in perfect harmony with Nature.

The beauty of life is we don’t need a pet to experience these moments of pure, unadulterated joy. (Though our pets have a way of forcing their perfect energy upon us! ????) Life continuously offers up these moments when we pay attention and are open to them.

We can experience these moments of elation watching our young children at play, pausing for a sunset, listening to music we love, journaling, taking a walk in nature–anything that takes us out of our heads and drops us into our hearts and into the glory of the present moment.

As you wake up to this perfect day, decide to look for, capture and experience those moments of perfect joy!


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This week I had the news on (way) too much. By mid-week I could feel its impact: I felt edgy, agitated, “off.” As I observed the thoughts behind those feelings it was clear to me that I was dwelling on the horror, sadness, and fear of Orlando. Still, I didn’t want to turn off the news–somehow it felt disrespectful to just “tune out.”

Then, I remembered something I teach: “WTF”: Where’s The Focus? ()

My focus had been on the atrocity–the act itself. However, amidst the horror, there is something else going on that is more subtle–and it is beautiful.

We experienced it after 911, Sandy Hook, the Boston bombings and during every atrocity or tragedy that has stricken our nation or our world. We experience a feeling of unity and connection to one another, and we witness the innate goodness in others through their willingness to help, through their compassion and their kindheartedness.

In Orlando people were waiting in line for 6-8 hours to donate blood; more money than ever had been raised; we saw the heartfelt and raw emotion of the man reporting on the toddler at Disney... This love and humanity represent the best of who we are.

As I shifted my focus to the best of human nature, the heaviness I was feeling earlier in the week gave way to a lighter and more hopeful feeling.

So as we go out in the world, let Orlando be our reminder of what’s right and good in our world. Let the feeling of connection and loving kindness permeate and dominate our hearts and minds so that we may transmit love–and that love will burn out the pain.