About Me

Happiness depends upon ourselves.


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life coach rona florio1Throughout my life, I have been intrigued by this question: why do some people who appear to have it all seem so unhappy, and some who appear to struggle seem joyful? I intuited from a young age that happiness came from somewhere other than "out there." I was determined to find the key.

In my twenties and thirties, my interest in deep and sustainable happiness evolved into a deliberate focus. Two themes emerged for me: thoughts are powerful and energy is everything. With that knowledge, I learned that if I changed my thoughts, I observed a change in my physical energy and life energy. Parallel to that insight, I recognized that happiness proved to be the launchpad for everything good in my life. Science now shows us that happiness leads to success in every domain of our lives.

Compelled to share this knowledge, after eighteen successful years in high-technology sales, I pursued my dream of using my love and lifelong study of personal growth and human potential to help others. I continued my studies in positive psychology, neuroscience, personal growth, and spirituality.

In 2011, I attended the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, a worldwide leader in coach training programs. Upon graduation and after hundreds of additional hours of coaching, I discovered what I love and do best: helping clients achieve greater happiness and guiding them to use that happiness as the engine to move forward and achieve their goals.

Today, I feel blessed to coach, speak, teach, and conduct workshops on "Cultivating Happiness.” To stay cutting edge, be the best for my clients and bring the best to my clients, I continue studying and training with leaders in my field on an ongoing basis.

I live in New Rochelle, NY, with my family–my husband of 23 years, our teenage daughter, and our two dogs. Everyday provides a new opportunity to practice happiness as the path to nurture my life, my loved-ones, and my work.