Coaching Testimonials

Inspiring others towards happiness, brings you happiness.

~On my Yogi teabag!

What brings happiness and meaning to my life is the remarkable honor I have to be a positive influence in another’s life. Below are words shared from some of the fearless men and women who allowed me the privilege of walking alongside them as they journeyed toward their goals, dreams, and happiness.

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Coaching Clients:

Rona’s life coaching has changed every aspect of my life.

She has brought me to my authentic self. I lived on autopilot for years. Our coaching sessions taught me that I was in charge of creating the life I wanted. Victim had been my comfort zone. We worked on my setting mindful intentions, being self-aware and present in the moment. I resisted her pushing me forward. Then I saw small changes within myself and gradually began to accept my own power.

Everyone deserves to have the life they dream about. It won’t fall from the sky and knock at your door. You have to be ready to change the way you think. Then, you are on your way!

Rona, I am forever in your debt. I remain your humble grasshopper. Light and love.

~Carla S.

Rona is an extremely gifted and insightful coach.

She was immensely helpful to me during a time of life transition when I was struggling to figure out what made me happy and how to achieve it. I implicitly trust her perspective and her openness to any issues I put in front of her.

Rona has deep knowledge and experience that helped me gain clarity about what was important to me and what was keeping me stuck. She was highly supportive as she encouraged me to move beyond what was holding me back from living a fully engaged life. Her wisdom and empathy are exceptional, her coaching style is warm and engaging and she created a really safe space for me to explore my feelings and my fears.

I highly recommend Rona as a coach for anyone who feels the need to sort through life’s struggles on their way to living a truly happy life.

~Barbara P.

It’s just like your website said – just a few weeks working together and I can already sense an elevated level of happiness.

~Jim O.

Working with Rona is one of the best investments I continue to make in myself!

I’ve been coached by Rona for about three years - I always come back to her when I have an important goal that I want to achieve. Rona is a top coach. She is clever, knowledgeable, professional, supportive, and intuitive. At the end of every session I always feel lighter and with my energy renewed. I not only have achieved many goals during my work with Rona, but I also have had new insights and shifts in my perspective which allows me to continue to remove blocks.

I strongly recommend Rona as a Life Coach!

~Cris C.

I, like many individuals, have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours with therapists trying to uncover reasons for my inability to fully enjoy life, achieve goals, and mitigate self destructive behavior, with little success.

Working with Rona has enabled me to change my mindset, focus on my values and my goals, and systematically move forward. I find this awe inspiring. I have learned, at a late stage in life, that you can truly change your life.

My sincerest thanks and gratitude for helping me to reinvigorate my life, achieve goals previously out of reach, and to be truly happy and satisfied.

~Anthony G.

Rona's natural ebullience and strong ethical mooring make her a fantastic Life Coach and I am fortunate to call her a friend and powerful colleague.

Rona is one of the most compassionate people I have met and has one of the sunniest dispositions I have ever encountered. It is genuine, warm, hopeful, and positive without naïveté. She is very much grounded in the real world yet her positivity is unshakeable. Just being around Rona lifts your spirit, and to have the pleasure of her as your Life Coach, well, be ready to be happy.

~Claude S.

The biggest thing I gained from my work with Rona was learning to “tell myself a better story.”

This was hard to embrace at first, because I felt my story was truthful to my life. Little by little I realized my old story was not benefitting me, and I began to understand that the story I was telling myself wasn’t the complete story of my life.

By learning to tell myself a better story, I am having a better experience of life. I learned that by changing my story, I could go down a different highway and learn to overcome the brooding and the melancholy. I am seeing a magnification of my style and energy that is more relevant to my authentic self. The benefit is that I am able to communicate more lovingly to my children, I am a better friend, and I am able to more easily connect with others. In essence, I am happier.

Rona has the unique capacity to relate well to whatever is going on in my life, which helps me move through my challenges quickly while staying focused on my goal for inner peace. It has been a gift to work with you, Rona–thank you.

~Amy B.

Rona is an amazing coach who never let me sell myself short.

She was always reminding me of my potential and pointing out my greatness, even when I couldn't see it. This helped me immensely as I was struggling to get my business off the ground. Today, I am a high level coach to some of the most influential people on the internet.

If you have doubts about your future, working with Rona will help you move forward with the kind of confidence that makes anything possible.

~Toku M.

I hired Rona originally because I was unhappy with my career. I thought I wanted coaching around pursuing something different. Through the process of working with Rona, she had me fill in a "Life Wheel". With this new information, I was able to re-prioritize my current goals with what was really important to me. Come to find out, it was not my career. In the end, instead of switching jobs, I learned two very important things:

First, I found the satisfaction in the career that I did have, simply by looking at it in a different way. Rona taught me that it was impossible for me to change ALL the people that I worked with... but, that it was possible for me to change my personal approach/attitude toward them...And it really made a difference!!! Secondly, I put my energies into new pursuits.

As a side benefit, I learned what Rona is always touting, "Small Steps, Big Results!" A lot of literature and infomercials will have you believe that if you change a couple major things in your life, you will suddenly find happiness. But, like most things in life, it takes time, and it takes a concerted effort to make real, long-lasting change... and this is done through small steps!!! Rona has helped me see this, and has coached me onto the right path... not to a particular destination, but on an amazing journey!!! Thank you!

~Gary D.