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This past week, I recommitted to my practice of meditating and journaling in the morning.

Here are my observations on the effects of stillness through meditation and journaling during a challenging and stressful week.

* Perspective - though the challenge in my life has not gone away, my perception of it has changed. No challenge is insurmountable. This offers much-needed perspective.
* Compassion - I remember that I am not the only one with problems. Indeed, my problems are far less than what many others have to manage. When I think of others who are struggling, I feel compassion and my heart expands.
* Acceptance - I remember that pain is just part of life. I don’t have to fight or resist my problems. Acceptance lessens the emotional grip that problems have on me so that I can respond from a more resourceful place.
* Resolve - I have little control over my current worry. But I can get to work on that which is ALWAYS within my control: how I choose to think about and respond to my current situation.
* Opportunity - within the kernel of every problem is the opportunity for new growth, new meaning, and new purpose. All we need to do is look for it!
* Peace - in the silence of early morning there is a profound, ever-present peace. In that peace, there is a comfort and a quiet knowing that everything will be okay–no matter what–because that is the nature, the balance, and the wonder of life.

These are a few of the reasons why I meditate and journal. These things help me to show up at my best.

I hope in some small way this inspires each of you to begin a practice, or, to recommit to the one you have!

Wishing us all peace in a sometimes stress-filled world, and the ability to show up in that world at our very best!


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This week was one of those busy, stressful weeks. Consequently, I blew off my morning ritual of meditation and journaling–something I hadn’t done in many months.

As I review my week, it is interesting to observe what happened.

Without that morning routine to anchor my days, I was adrift. I felt as though I was being swept away by the day’s events rather than leading with purposeful action. Worse, I lost touch with my happiness. I was moody and edgy; I lacked clarity and focus; I was impatient and abrupt with my husband and daughter. ?

This morning routine of tapping into my core of peace through meditation, and reconnecting to what matters most to me through journaling provides stability to my days.

Grounding our days in this way increases our ability to lead our lives in accordance with our highest values, and helps is us to manage the vicissitudes of life with equanimity. Without this mooring, we are often reactive and at the mercy of our emotions as life tosses us to and fro.

This week I recommit to dropping anchor, connecting with what really matters, and leading my life with steadfast integrity. –I wish the same for each of you!


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On Friday, I had a fitful night’s sleep. I was worried about the stuff of life that can get us down–in this case, my teen’s worries became my own.

Feeling tired on Saturday, I tried to catch a nap before heading out to an event later that evening. I settled into my Yogibo ( my Yogibo!) to meditate, hoping to quiet my mind enough to drift off to sleep.

My nine-pound dog, Juliet, climbed up from behind, draped herself over my shoulder, rested her little head on my heart, and let out a big sigh. That was all I needed to settle and refocus my mind. That little gesture filled my heart with joy and in that moment life was perfect.

I didn’t need to distract myself from my worries. I didn’t need to turn to Netflix. I didn’t need to shop, to eat, surf the web, get together with friends, clean the house or engage in any other impulsive activity as an escape route from my worrisome thoughts.

Juliet’s tiny head on my heart and the sound of her sigh dropped me right into the perfection of the present moment. I could feel the love of her tiny spirit and that brought me joy. This reminded me that worries are just clouds across a pristine blue sky–and all clouds pass or dissipate.

It's possible to experience profound happiness–even on a cloudy day! We access this happiness by dropping into the present moment through stillness, music, prayer, nature, or through BEING with a loved one–even if that loved one has four legs and fur!

As Joseph Campbell said: "Find a place inside where there is joy, and the joy will burn out the pain."

Wishing you a joy-filled day! ??