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We tend to postpone our happiness to some point in our future: when we get into that college; get that job; get the guy or the girl; get married; get that house; start a family; when the kids are out of diapers; when we take that vacation; when the kids are out of the house; when we retire…

Happiness is not out there. There is no there, there. Every time you arrive there, you are here–in this moment–the only place where happiness can be experienced. The future you have dreamed about and worked for is now.

Embrace your future–it is here! Live fully now.



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My mom has Alzheimer's. She has effectively lost her mind. I often wonder what that is like. My mom (and Dad!) have given me tremendous gifts throughout my life. The gift that Mom has given me during this phase of her life is to not take my own mind for granted.

I try to put it to good use–daily. I try to use my mind to curb my emotion if I am feeling angry, frustrated, or bummed out. I try to use it to help others. I try to use my mind to feel and express appreciation; to practice discipline; to overcome my fears; and to think about my behavior and the impact it has on myself, people in my circle, and the world around me.

I also try to use my mind to amplify the wonder of life–to remain fully present and available to experience awe, joy, hope, serenity, compassion, and love. Then I use my mind to put that same energy out into the world. My belief is (and science is now showing us) that if enough of us do this we can raise the energetic vibration of our planet. (LOVE that!)

Today, use your mind. Use it to awaken yourself, to engage more fully in your life, to dream a little bigger, to appreciate your loved ones, and to send loving-kindness out into the world.

Aim to never take that beautiful and precious mind of yours for granted! (Thanks, Mom.)


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Just for today let’s not complain. Let’s just count our blessings–we all have so many:

- a good cup of coffee on a Sunday morning
- our cars that we are lucky enough to have as we drive to work
- a loved one, or many
- food...everywhere
- clean water to drink and to bathe in
- access to medical care and to education
- breath
- choice in what to do in our lives, or, on any given day
- books, the internet
- freedom to walk our streets or to take a hike to enjoy nature
- electricity
- 10 working fingers that allow us to do our work or things we enjoy
- knowing our loved ones are safe
- a sound mind
- a comfy bed and pillow I am writing this, there is literally no end to the gifts that are all around me which I often take for granted.

Most of us are blessed beyond measure. Yet, in an effort to improve our lives or ourselves we tend to focus on what we don’t have and what we don’t want. Thus the very thing we want more of–greater peace and happiness–eludes us.

We don’t need to go anywhere or do anything to find happiness. Take a look–it’s all around you!