About You

Never cease chiseling your own statue.

~Plotinus (Ancient Greek Philosopher)

As human beings we have the unique ability to change and improve any aspect of ourselves and our lives. Further, as we strive toward growth and fulfilling our potential, we tap into a new meaning and purpose which sustains our happiness.

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Is This You?

Have you ever felt . . .

  • That life is meant to be better than it is at this moment or that you are not living life optimally nor fully engaged?
  • Frustrated and bored as though you are just going through the motions?
  • Low on energy, disorganized, out of balance, and overwhelmed?
  • A lack of peace and happiness causing fear, regret, frustration, impatience, and intolerance?
  • A lack of control–always reacting to life versus driving it forward?
  • Stuck between been there and what's next, and finding little meaning in your busy days?
  • Not good enough, unable to quiet the inner critic and persistent negative thoughts?
  • Something is missing despite all you have achieved or acquired?
  • That you aspire to be a more empowered leader at work, a better role model in your personal life, a more loving partner, a more patient and engaged parent, or a stronger and healthier person?

A lack of happiness or dissatisfaction in even one area of your life can cause real pain. It will prevent you from showing up for your life at your best. Untapped potential is not benign. It causes guilt, impatience, intolerance, frustration, and unhappiness. It eats away at the quality of your health, relationships, work, energy, peace of mind, and verve for life.

If you have identified with any (or many!) of the above, you are not alone. Many of us feel this way. These feelings and questions are our natural impulse toward growth–our natural path to greater happiness.

Are you ready to grow?

We Are a Good Fit If You:

  • Strived to do the right things in your life and relationships, but still feel that you come up short.
  • Dabbled along a spiritual path, but need guidance to help clarify that path and apply the teachings to your daily life.
  • Have done a fair amount of introspection and inner work, but are unable to apply what you have learned to your life in a meaningful and sustainable way.
  • Sense that life is meant to be better than it is at this moment, and are open and committed to real change.
  • Feel motivated at the thought of making profound, positive changes, and are ready to take action.

Together we will uncover and clarify what matters most in your life, identify the internal and external blocks, and create a plan to get you the results you are after–all while learning to cultivate happiness in the moment and use that happiness as the tool to fuel your goals.

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