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"The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way."

~Marcus Aurelius

(I *LOVE* this quote!) 

Sometimes, life presents us with challenges. (Have you noticed that? ?)

Our impulse is to fight, resist, and resent those challenges. We wish that things could be different. We just want the problem, the pain, the challenge, or the illness to go away so that we can go back to our lives. We want the obstacle removed so that we can be happy again.

What if we viewed the obstacle as a path to advance and deepen our happiness? Is it possible to take what is holding us back and use it to propel us forward? I have contemplated these questions in recent years.

Pain, adversity, and hardship are intrinsic to life. When confronted with these obstacles we are often thrust on a new path–a path toward growth. This new path provides us an opportunity to rise, to become bigger than our problems, to become more of who we are capable of being. And isn’t that the purpose of life?

Where there is a purpose, there is meaning, and where there is meaning there is happiness.

Viewed in this way, our problems are no longer impediments to our happiness. Indeed, our problems can put us on a path to deepen, expand, and strengthen our happiness.

Let what impedes us, empower us. Let what stands in our way, become the way.


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What’s going on in politics today is not to be believed...yet here we are. It is disheartening on many levels.

I am observing that when I am tuned into the news my signal to peace and happiness gets scrambled. The static drains my energy, fuels angst, and throws me off center. This is not conducive to joy and well-being.

Here are simple things we can do to help us tune into ourselves and find our signal back to happiness:

- Journal about that for which we are grateful.
- Practice conscious acts of kindness.
- Walk in nature.
- Spend time and BE with family–with your whole “Being”–not just
your body.
- Think about and focus on what you want in your life (not what you
don’t want) and take one tiny step in the direction of your dreams.
- Learn something new.
- Read a book, or listen to music that inspires.
- Meditate.
- Consume less–create more!

These small actions won’t change the political climate, but they will help us adjust our internal climate so that we can be a reflection of what’s good in our world.

Tune in, adjust your frequency, and broadcast happiness today!



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On Thursday, I began Week 1 of a workshop series I created on Cultivating Happiness. I am continually amazed at how quickly people in a room can bond when given the permission to be themselves.

When we are being ourselves–our True Selves, the one beneath our social masks–we share our vulnerabilities, struggles, and deepest desires. Beneath our social masks lies our humanity: the composite of our fears, feelings of inadequacy, hopes, and biggest dreams.

Regardless of gender, race, culture, ethnicity, socioeconomics, life stage, life experience, or beliefs, we are all the same. We are a family, bonded by our common desire to avoid pain and increase our happiness.

When we get too attached to our masks we lose connection to this basic humanity within us all. We lose touch with our human family and we begin to feel separate and different from others. This causes an undercurrent of pain in our lives.

We are happiest when we feel connected.

Experiment with dropping your mask from time to time and showing up in the world as your True Self. Commit to remembering that beneath the veneer, your fellow human is no different than you. As you do this, your compassion expands and you experience a deeper connection to those around you.

Here is to showing up as our True Selves, expanding compassion and connection, and waking up to the love of our one, big, human family!