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Is there a part of you that dreads the Holidays?

I observe that many clients and friends feel angst at the thought of being with the mother-in-law who always says just the wrong thing; the older brother who treats him as though he was still in his teens; the sister-in-law who complains all the time...

Many are not necessarily “eagerly” anticipating time with family.

I do eagerly anticipate time with my family and often wondered how we consistently enjoy each other’s company so much. I think it comes down to this: Letting go.

I think in our own way we are each really good at staying in the present moment and in doing so, we leave our past in the past. When we have the inevitable annoyance or disagreement, we see it as just that, and nothing more. We let go.

If someone says or does the “wrong” thing I think we have enough humility to remember that none of us are perfect, so we don’t judge too harshly. We let go.

We remember that beneath the idiosyncrasy is a good person whom we love.

The holidays are a great opportunity for us to practice letting go.

Each moment with our families offers us the choice to let go of a past hurt or perceived injustice. We can choose to let go of judgment and expectations.

We can, instead, turn our focus to what’s good about that loved one. –If you look for what is good in another you will always find it. Promise!

As we let go, we are free and more open to experiencing the potential for joy that awaits us all in the present moment.

This Season, let go, and be joyful! ????



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Are you someone who sails buoyantly through the holidays on a wave of excitement for the season?

I have never been that person. Quite the opposite: I bob along trying to keep my head above water while an undercurrent of stress threatens to take me under!

But that’s okay. It’s all just another opportunity to hone my skill of cultivating peace and happiness–even amidst a little external chaos!

Connection is an important component of happiness, and the busyness of the season offers increased opportunity to connect with our human family.

As we go about our days, let’s try to remember that just as we are being pulled in multiple directions so are all of the people we depend on: the sales clerks, the barista at Starbucks, the 800# customer service rep., our kids’ teachers, the gas station attendant, etc.

Remembering that everyone we interact with is feeling the same (or more!) additional stress increases our compassion for one another.

One way to connect and to express our compassion is a simple act of kindness: a smile, a little patience, a sincere “thank you,” and a heartfelt “enjoy your holidays!”

Connecting in this way raises our happiness and the happiness of those around us.

As you go about your business this week, vow to stay open to the spirit of the season and be kind to your fellow human. Go ahead and spread a little holiday cheer! ????


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Does the busyness of the Season raise you up, or bring you down?

Truthfully, during this time of year I feel I lose myself to a growing list of commitments and expectations from others. When I observe my self-talk complaining about too much to do in too little time, that’s my cue to get out of my head and drop into my heart.

My heart is my touchstone to the world around me and when I turn my thoughts to others, compassion rises. This compassion spreads to those in my community and in my country who are less fortunate that I, and to those around the world who are fighting for their freedom or theirs lives.

Suddenly my big list of to-dos is transformed into a growing list of gratitude, and I feel blessed for the:

- gifts I am able to buy
- friends I am lucky to have to gather with to celebrate the Season
- home that I have to decorate
- garbage collector and mailman for whom I have to remember to leave a card
- wonderful people who serve me along the way: the sales clerk, the UPS guy, the 800# customer service rep, etc.
- family I am fortunate enough to be with to celebrate Christmas
- I am even grateful for the lines in the stores as I get to commiserate with a stranger behind me about how busy we are–in that moment we share a connection and that is beautiful!

Dropping into our hearts can change our focus from how much we have to do with so little time, to how blessed we are to be able to do for others, with the precious little time we have been given.

Wishing us all peace and joy in the weeks ahead. Cheers!