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Does the busyness of the Season raise you up, or bring you down?

Truthfully, during this time of year I feel I lose myself to a growing list of commitments and expectations from others. When I observe my self-talk complaining about too much to do in too little time, that’s my cue to get out of my head and drop into my heart.

My heart is my touchstone to the world around me and when I turn my thoughts to others, compassion rises. This compassion spreads to those in my community and in my country who are less fortunate that I, and to those around the world who are fighting for their freedom or theirs lives.

Suddenly my big list of to-dos is transformed into a growing list of gratitude, and I feel blessed for the:

- gifts I am able to buy
- friends I am lucky to have to gather with to celebrate the Season
- home that I have to decorate
- garbage collector and mailman for whom I have to remember to leave a card
- wonderful people who serve me along the way: the sales clerk, the UPS guy, the 800# customer service rep, etc.
- family I am fortunate enough to be with to celebrate Christmas
- I am even grateful for the lines in the stores as I get to commiserate with a stranger behind me about how busy we are–in that moment we share a connection and that is beautiful!

Dropping into our hearts can change our focus from how much we have to do with so little time, to how blessed we are to be able to do for others, with the precious little time we have been given.

Wishing us all peace and joy in the weeks ahead. Cheers!


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Arriving home after a beautiful weekend with my family in Massachusetts, I am feeling grateful for the good things: family whom I adore, time to be together, laughter, love.

I am also feeling grateful for the not-so-good things: the concern, worry, or sadness that often accompanies the act of loving. I am grateful for the heartache too because it is a sign that I have people in my life to love.

I am grateful for it all.

Today, let’s pause for just a moment before running headlong into the start of a new week. Let’s take some time to savor our blessings so that our best memories from this holiday weekend are locked in for a lifetime!



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The other day I lost it with my teenage daughter.

Moments later I felt the sting of shame and guilt at my outburst. I couldn’t seem to let go of the lingering feelings of anger and frustration with my daughter nor the shame and guilt with myself.

Then I remembered something I learned long ago: there are really only two emotions–love and fear.

As I remembered this, I could see the fear at the root of my frustration and anger with my daughter as well as the shame and guilt with myself. Recognizing the fear seemed to diminish the intensity and burden of those other emotions because the fear felt reasonable and understandable. This gave way to compassion for both my daughter and myself.

Then I asked myself one of my favorite questions: What would love do?

Love would love her and all of her complexities and human frailties. Love would support her and reflect her perfect being so that she could more clearly see that in herself. Love would cut me a ton of slack for my own behavior. Love would trust in the flow of life. Love would remind me that everything that happens to us happens for us.

Love would let go. So that’s what I did. And in that moment, life was good.

I don’t know what the next moment, the next event, the next point of contention will bring…but none of that matters. The only thing that matters is being fully awake and in love in this moment.

The next time you feel sad, frustrated, angry, or confused ask yourself the simple question: What would love do? Then, act in love, and bask in the feeling of present moment perfection.

Sending you blessings for a Happy Thanksgiving!