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"I commit to taking full responsibility for my life, my happiness, and my goals; I absolve anyone and everything from the past or present from having any control over my happiness. I commit to honoring and celebrating the gift of my life by giving my greatest gifts in greatest service to You, my family, and our world."

I read this little pledge each morning (well, “most” mornings ) and when I do I always feel a positive shift in my energy. –This is a great way to start a day!

The first sentence reminds me that I have all the power. Regardless of all that we face that seems so out of our control, we get to choose how we will respond to what life serves up.

The second sentence reminds me of what it is all about: discovering and then sharing our gifts. This reminds me that it is not all about me. We are each part of a bigger whole and we are meant to contribute to one another’s lives in some way: through a beautiful piece of art, a caring hand, constructing buildings, teaching, making money that can be redistributed elsewhere, or a kind word or gesture.

These two sentences, planted in my consciousness as I begin a day, helps to make each day a favorite one.

May today be your favorite day!


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We all want to feel good.

At the core of everything we do is a desire to feel good. I call it happiness. You might call it peace, pleasure, security, freedom, meaning, joy, fulfillment, enlightenment. ––Whatever it is you are reaching for the ultimate goal is to feel good!

In our desire to feel good we search for a mate, diet, eat, vacation, climb mountains, have kids, decorate our homes. We strive for an active social life, career success, or more time to relax. We exercise; we shop; we numb out. –All this because we want to feel better.

Amidst our pursuit of all these things, we forget how much power we have in a single moment.

In each moment we are choosing between love or fear, hope or hopelessness, satisfaction or regret, forgiveness or retribution, peace or worry, kindness or apathy.

Each moment, we make a decision whether to let go or to hold on, to surrender or to fight, to use our imagination to conjure thoughts about our dreams or about what we fear.

What we choose in each moment will result in one of two outcomes: feeling good or not feeling good.

Today I choose love, hope, satisfaction, forgiveness, and kindness. I choose to let go, to surrender to what is, and to use my imagination to replace my biggest worries with my wildest dreams.

Because when I do this, I feel good. ––And isn’t that the point of it all?!

What about you–what will you choose today?

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“Do you believe that your thoughts shape, if not create, your reality?”

“Did you wake up today deciding the kinds of thoughts that you would have that would create the type of reality you are interested in experiencing?”

I heard these two questions at the start of a lecture (Dr. Joe Dispenza) and love, love, love them! They are a potent reminder that we control the quality of our days and therefore our lives.

(BTW, most of us answer the first question in the affirmative and the second question in the negative; I may be a geek about this–but I find that fascinating! )

I DO believe that our thoughts create our reality and consequently make conscious efforts to cultivate good thoughts. But sometimes when life gets messy–I forget.

Last week was one of those weeks when my thoughts were running amuck. During a moment of reflection, it occurred to me that I was not waking up each day deliberately choosing my thoughts.

In fact, my thoughts were choosing me! And I was following them down a rocky terrain that exacerbated the negative feelings. This destroyed the quality of my days as well as my energy and resourcefulness to handle the stress.

I vowed to be extra diligent in my efforts to cultivate good thoughts, meticulously choosing only those that supported my happiness. As I lined up my thoughts to what I wanted to experience, more positive feelings began to follow and I observed a palpable shift in my energy. I had righted my wayward ship. –Just like that!

So there you go. I didn’t manifest the winning lotto ticket, but I did regain my center of peace and a general feeling of hope and optimism. THIS is how we create our reality–one good thought after another.

Which thoughts will you choose today?