life coach rona 17 08 06 joy

I am beginning to feel certain that "normal life" is uncertain.

And with that certainty comes a bit of tranquility, a settling in, and reflecting on and cleaning up my own inner world.

I recommit to staying focused on the only thing I can control which are the thoughts I allow into my mind, and the perspective from which I choose to look upon my outer world.

This morning I was inspired by this quote from astrophysicist, Janna Levin: "We are all navigating an external world—but only through the prism of our own subjective experience." "The majesty of the universe is only ever conjured up in the mind."

We can't go outside, so let's go inside. ––What type of magic will you conjure up for your day today?! ?

life coach rona 20 02 09 letting go

I waited most of my life for her, almost 40 years

then, she was my life.

I worried about her

then, I learned to see that she is handling things on her own.

Now, I go back to my own life

richer for the experience, the love, the connection, the profound joy

but poorer for the loss of her light in my day-to-day, almost moment-to-moment existence.


Strange thing, this thing called motherhood.

Part of me wants to let her go––I am ready.

Part of me never wants to.

But the greater part of me knows that it is time,

so I do.


I begin again.

Such is the nature of life. ?


(For all of those mommies (and daddies!) learning to make peace with their babies having become young adults––you are not alone. ??)

life coach rona 19 02 13 weather

Do you expect that every day will be sunny?

My guess is, you don’t.

As a result, we don’t judge or resent Nature for a cloudy or stormy day. We accept it as inevitable. We just ride it out and check our weather app to see when the sun will come out or the days will be warmer. And even when the forecast sucks...after a momentary “ugh”, we usually just get on with our day.

We might not like the stormy weather, but we don’t obsess about it or try to change what Nature sends our way. We just sorta hunker down and wait for the weather to pass.

Sometimes we may even welcome a storm: a day to postpone an errand and instead declutter a closet or organize a drawer.

On occasion, the weather may cause us to experience a sense of gratitude: we have a nice warm home that feels cozy and safe inside.

We may even use the weather as an excuse: slow down, build a fire, be still and notice the sound of the rain and the wind, or watch the awesome cloud formations that rush by just outside our windows.

What if we could view our emotions in the same way that we view the weather? Emotions are, after all, as natural as Nature itself.

How freeing would it feel to not judge, worry about, or rail against a dark or sad emotion and, instead, just let it run its course?

We can use our funky emotions as an excuse for relaxation or introspection. We can take time to go inside and connect to those warmer feelings of peace and love in our hearts. We can remind ourselves that the storm raging outside is only temporary and in time it will pass. And when it does, like a sunny day after the storm, the sense of calm and peace after the sadness or overwhelm is all the sweeter.

As we turn to our inner weather app, may we all see blue skies ahead!

AND...if those boxes are filled with clouds, rain, wind, or that little lightning bolt(!)––let those be okay, as well! ???