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I don’t know about you, but my moods are definitely affected by the weather. Today’s weather is gloomy and so am I.

Yesterday I engaged in a few favorite activities. I went to Manhattan. I attended a workshop that fueled my mind, had lunch with favorite girlfriends that fueled my spirit, and engaged in meaningful discussion that fueled my soul.

The stark contrast from yesterday seemed to exacerbate today’s darker mood. Feeling sorry for myself, I wondered why I couldn’t have that same level of energy today. My bully showed up to remind me of tasks I wanted to complete and haven’t yet gotten to as I write this at 3pm!

As I was contending with my bully I was reminded of a discussion I had with a group I presented to last week. A woman questioned why she couldn't sustain a high level of happiness each day. My response was: “Part of being human is to experience the full spectrum of emotion. We must allow space for all of our feelings–the beauty is in the contrast.”

Everyone is our teacher, right? This woman served to remind me of something I already knew...

So for all of us who may be feeling the rainy-day blues, I say: “Let’s celebrate the contrast!" –Cheers!


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I used to be a bully. I would beat myself up at the slightest provocation: a missed to-do, an overstuffed email inbox, wasting time, not working out, eating too much sugar…

Five years ago I set the intention to treat myself with as much love, kindness, and respect as I give to my daughter. Over time, my internal bully has mostly disappeared––but reappears when I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed. The bully uses this time when my resources are down to make her presence known: “You should have done didn’t do that…”

While driving my daughter to school last week, my bully made an appearance and was doing a number on me: pushing, prodding, taunting with that incessant whiny voice. But I caught her, sprinkled some “magic dust” on her and she disappeared as quickly as she emerged.

The magic dust is present-moment awareness.

It is impossible to condemn, complain, criticize or otherwise feel crappy, when you awaken to the present moment. As soon as I noticed I was projecting (all the things I have to do) and ruminating (all the things I didn’t do) I knew my bully had hijacked the moment. As soon as I came back to the present moment I was struck by how perfect THIS moment was: I’m driving in my comfortable car, on crisp Spring morning, with my happy/healthy daughter in the seat next to me. What more could I want? What more do I need?

THIS moment is our gateway to happiness and it’s always right here for us––to scare off our bullies and awaken us to our whole selves and our already perfect lives.

Sending you some magic dust today and always...