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This week I had the news on (way) too much. By mid-week I could feel its impact: I felt edgy, agitated, “off.” As I observed the thoughts behind those feelings it was clear to me that I was dwelling on the horror, sadness, and fear of Orlando. Still, I didn’t want to turn off the news–somehow it felt disrespectful to just “tune out.”

Then, I remembered something I teach: “WTF”: Where’s The Focus? ()

My focus had been on the atrocity–the act itself. However, amidst the horror, there is something else going on that is more subtle–and it is beautiful.

We experienced it after 911, Sandy Hook, the Boston bombings and during every atrocity or tragedy that has stricken our nation or our world. We experience a feeling of unity and connection to one another, and we witness the innate goodness in others through their willingness to help, through their compassion and their kindheartedness.

In Orlando people were waiting in line for 6-8 hours to donate blood; more money than ever had been raised; we saw the heartfelt and raw emotion of the man reporting on the toddler at Disney... This love and humanity represent the best of who we are.

As I shifted my focus to the best of human nature, the heaviness I was feeling earlier in the week gave way to a lighter and more hopeful feeling.

So as we go out in the world, let Orlando be our reminder of what’s right and good in our world. Let the feeling of connection and loving kindness permeate and dominate our hearts and minds so that we may transmit love–and that love will burn out the pain.


I have 29-year client desperate to find his purpose because he is turning 30 and is bummed to still be wandering “at this age.” I have an 86-year old client working to replace conditioned thought pattterns using mindfulness so that she can live in greater peace, be a better mom, and a better friend.

Not quite at midpoint between the two, at 54, I relate to both. Part of me is bummed that I am too old to really make a dent in the world, and part of me is still on fire to really make a dent in the world! (I aim to give my time and attention to that part of me that still wants to make a dent in the world–a way happier better place to be.)

We all have gremlins that whisper in our ears when we try to pursue something that matters to us. Mine whispers: “Really?” “Wouldn’t you rather just relax?” “Why bother at this stage?” I retort, louder: “I’m still here–it’s never too late!”

My gremlin showed up on Friday whispering "Why bother?" I was frustrated trying to figure out some piece of technology for my business. I felt a little deflated so I decided to go online and read some blogs (a favorite distraction ).

Well, you know what happens when you go to the Internet to avoid work: one link leads to another link, and then another.

I hold the belief that the Universe is always working on my behalf...check out this little gem that I stumbled upon! (By the time this 2-minute video was over, my gremlin was nowhere in sight!)

This is for all of us who have something inside we want to bring to life–whether this is our 1st, 2nd, or 3rd act!

It's Never Too Late- Motivational Video