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The other day I was doing my yoga stretches. Just when I thought I stretched as far as I could I noticed: I could stretch a little farther! I began to think that this was a great metaphor for life.

We are often called to stretched ourselves. Sometimes beyond what we think we are capable of–yet, we can all go a little further.

A few days ago I was having an argument with my husband. My patience was being stretched, but I didn’t snap. Experience taught me that there are multiple ways to interpret a situation. After the argument, in a quiet moment, I could see his point of view. With introspection, I could see my role in the disagreement and an area where I could give a little more. (I couldn’t have arrived there so quickly twenty years ago, but over two decades of stretching readied me to push a little further! )

We are all capable of more than we realize. There are places in our lives where we have shut down, places where we have given up, but we can open ourselves up, give a little more, try a little harder. We can stretch our capacity for love, hard work, resilience, or patience with ourselves and others.

Exercise your life–stretch!


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We all have dreams no matter how humble or bold, and, we often allow our fears and excuses to get in the way of living those dreams. (I hate that! )

I often wonder: What would it look like if my Heart were running the show instead of my head?

I think if my Heart were running the show I would simply do what needed to be done. I would go where my instincts were pointing me, regardless of my mood or what I was feeling nervous about. Yes, the work would be hard and it would be frustrating at times–that is the nature of things.

But the Heart would understand that the effort and work are necessary for us to achieve what we really want. So the Heart would do the work and not make such a big deal of everything. It would be grateful just to be alive and to have another day to help us take steps in the direction of what matters most to us.

The Heart would not let the minutiae of life get in the way of enjoying life. The Heart would understand that the good, the bad, the tedious, and the exciting are all just part of the game–it would not get hung up on one particular thing.

And you know what? We would have so much energy! Nothing would be dragging us down–not our fears, our complaints, nor our excuses.

Most importantly, the Heart would know this: It can only keep pumping for so long. The wisdom of the Heart would know not to waste a beat. Literally. Don’t waste a beat!

Follow your Heart. Take nothing for granted. Know that every breath is a gift. Dwell on the positive. Live in the possibility. XO