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On Friday we attended the funeral of a beloved man, Roy. He was ninety-four. His was a life well-lived.

Just two weeks prior to his passing his daughter asked how old he felt–on the inside. His response was “On the inside, I feel happy.”

His answer didn’t surprise me. Roy was a devoted and loving family man, a true and loyal friend, a man of many passions, a kind and wonderful neighbor to me and my family. He lived his life in accordance with his highest values. As a result, Roy was satisfied with his dash–that little line between the year we were born and the year we die that represents our lives.

I began to think about my own dash. As I reflected, I wondered:

- What does my dash stand for?
- Does it represent the best of who I am and what I have to offer?
- What mark will I leave in the hearts and minds of those I love, and those whose lives I've touched, if even for a moment?
- Does my dash reflect my highest values?
- What lessons will people take away from my life?

Today, take inventory of your dash. Together let’s recommit to showing up as our finest selves so that at the end of our days (and all the days before!) we, too, can say “On the inside, I feel happy.”

Rest in peace, Roy. (I know you will.)


life coach rona 16 09 05 be here now


We tend to postpone our happiness to some point in our future: when we get into that college; get that job; get the guy or the girl; get married; get that house; start a family; when the kids are out of diapers; when we take that vacation; when the kids are out of the house; when we retire…

Happiness is not out there. There is no there, there. Every time you arrive there, you are here–in this moment–the only place where happiness can be experienced. The future you have dreamed about and worked for is now.

Embrace your future–it is here! Live fully now.