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Happy New Year! ????

I love this time of year and the invitation to begin anew and to let go and lay to rest any disappointments and unmet goals.

Previously a BIG New Year’s resolutions kind-of-a-girl (with nominal success), in recent years my goals have been a lot less lofty. In fact, I try to keep my New Year’s resolutions to one word.

Just as cultivating happiness is the keystone to my life––as I practice and hone the skill of cultivating happiness it strengthens and improves every domain of my life––each year, I try to embody one virtue that will provide strength and momentum to all my other goals and ways of Being.

This year (and last year, too––I’m not quite there yet! ???? ) my one word is Discipline. I intend to establish greater discipline around my daily rituals, personal/professional development, and concrete steps for growing my business.

Ideally, I will embody this virtue each day to a greater and greater degree as decisions and behaviors are weighed in service to my goal of cultivating Discipline.

There is power in our One Word. It can serve as a mantra, a reminder, and a single point of focus for who we want to be and/or what we want to achieve. Our One Word helps us to live with greater intention and mindfulness so that we are living our lives on purpose, not on autopilot.

What’s your One Word? And how will you embody it beginning today?

Wishing us all happiness and untold blessings in the New Year!


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Don’t you love the way the Season seems to bring strangers together?

I love that during this Season we are on the same path of preparation and celebration and that well-wishes for the Holidays are a constant refrain. I love the feeling that what separates us seems to disappear and that for a time we feel more alike than different.

This heightened sense of connectedness increases our happiness and is good for the soul!

The great news is there is no reason we can’t create and experience this for ourselves the whole year through.

Because the Truth is we are always all on the same path and we will always be more alike than we are different. This is true regardless of the season. It’s true regardless of race, religion, nationality, age, gender or any other perceived or imagined differences.

We are united in our deep desire for happiness, safety, love, and to feel as though we matter. In the smallest but most profound ways, we can gift this to each other through a kind gesture, a smile, or a well-wish.

Let’s commit to keeping the Spirit of Christmas alive by honoring the humanity within each of us now and the whole year through.

Happy Holidays, everyone!