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I take a deep and deliberate breath. Often.

That deep breath inward helps me to remember that I am alive. This is important to me because sometimes amidst my busy days, my worries, or my laughter I forget that the backdrop to it all is this gift called life.

When I forget, the gift fades into the background. What emerges in the foreground are frustrations, complaints, and too many to-dos! When this happens my view is distorted and I lose sight of the gift. I don’t ever want to take my life for granted.

This life we each have is our gift. Like any gift, it should be appreciated. We should give some thought and recognition to the Giver. We should see the gift as our reminder of how loved we are.

Take one deep breath in–often. Let the fulness of your life crowd out the worries. Thank God or the Universe for this precious offering. Then honor the gift by enjoying your life.



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May everything that isn’t you fall away…

At the start of my workshops, I encourage each of us to try to drop our social masks, to look past one another’s masks and instead try to see straight through to the other’s heart–and connect at that level.

It feels really good to put down our social masks–to let down our guard. It feels good to see and to connect with one another at a more authentic level–to share our flaws and to be reminded that we are not different and there is, indeed, *nothing* wrong with us. (Phew! )

When we drop our social masks, we let go of the need to project perfection, put on a happy face, pretend to be confident, smart, or successful. Our masks can be a heavy burden and when we put them down we feel uplifted.

Importantly, when we show up authentically we give others permission to do the same. As we lower our masks what shines through is who we are at our core: LOVE. I believe that this glimmer of love inspires others to lower their masks and in doing so their love shines brighter, too!

May we all have the courage to put down these masks, show up in all of our perfect imperfections, and allow our love to illumine any darkness in our hearts or in our world.

Shine on!