Cultivating Happiness For
Greater Peace and Meaning

I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as
they are looking for the experience of being alive.

 ~Joseph Campbell

Many times, it's not our lives that we want to change but rather the way we show up for our lives–the feelings we feel, the thoughts we think, and the energy we have (or don't have!) as we move through our days. Many of us live only at the surface–fulfilling our obligations, transacting our way through our daily tasks, rarely stopping to savor life’s preciousness.

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Do you feel:

  • You are not fully engaged in your life, you are distracted and time is slipping by?
  • Something is missing, but you can’t pinpoint what?
  • You are unfulfilled despite your many blessings?
  • You have achieved the external markers of success–career, education, financial stability–but still feel unhappy or ill at ease?
  • Life is meant to be more than what you are currently experiencing?

All of these feelings, regardless of outward accomplishments, leave us with a sense of “Is this it?”

Cultivating happiness from within empowers us to live our lives consciously, purposefully, and more fully engaged.  We turn off autopilot and live with intention and integrity based on our highest values.  This deepens our happiness and meaning, giving our lives a depth, color, and richness previously unseen and unexperienced when living life at the surface.

Through Our Work You Can Achieve:

  • Goal Clarity:  Discern what’s missing and what is present in order to affect what you want more of in your life.   
  • Action Plan:  Determine and establish the steps necessary to develop the mindset and behaviors that you can employ day to day to achieve what you want more of in your life.
  • Integral Living:  Develop the practice of living in integrity with your deepest held values, so that what you want, what you say, and what you do are in complete alignment.
  • Freedom:  Learn to release the fear, the judgment, the assumptions, and interpretations that keep you locked into the thoughts and feelings that cause stress and worry.
  • Unconditional Happiness:  Create coping strategies and develop generative rituals to strengthen your ability to maintain joy and peace under a spectrum of circumstances.  
  • Presence:  Learn to be in the moment to connect with thoughts, emotions, and energy enabling you to absorb joy and contribute positivity.  Awaken to how ordinary moments are rich with opportunity for joy, by learning to live in the moment–the only place that we can experience happiness.
  • Energy Renewal:  Access a wellspring of energy within and use your awareness of that energy to live a life of greater meaning.  Experience a heightened drive to accomplish your goals.
  • Deeper Spirituality:  Freedom from worldly limits and a sense of connection to something bigger than yourself.
  • New Purpose:  Reveal new meaning and purpose in your life, previously obscured from view, to enrich your life.

You have the power to create greater happiness beginning now and to use that happiness as the keystone for deeper meaning, peace, and freedom in your life. 


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