In Honor Of

When someone who has touched you becomes a memory,
the memory becomes a treasure.


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life coach rona brian digregorio

Brian DiGregorio 1960-1984

My brother, whose inner light shown as bright as his smile. Though he has long passed, his essence remains a force in my life to do good in the world. And, to take nothing for granted.

life coach rona michael florio

Michael Florio 1910-1977

My father-in-law, who lived his life in complete alignment with his highest values. Though we have never met, he inspires me to strive to do the same.

life coach rona rick lundy

Rick Lundy 1971-2015

A stranger, whose life intersected with mine for a moment and reinforced my ethos that a random act of kindness can be life changing–for both the giver and the receiver.
Kindness matters.

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