Cultivating Happiness For
Peaceful Parenting

The attitude that you have as a parent is what your kids will learn from,
more than what you tell them. They don’t remember
what you try to teach them.  They remember what you are.

~Jim Henson

Research shows that children imprint our unexpressed thoughts and feelings. 
They learn to think and feel what we think and feel–what we do on the inside. 
This is great motivation for us to clean up our internal game!

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Do you find that:

  • You have little patience with your child/children and are prone to hair-trigger responses?
  • You often go tit for tat with your teen and find yourself in frequent arguments?
  • You worry and judge incessantly about what your children are doing and not doing, how they are doing it, with whom are they doing it, will they be okay, will they be happy?
  • You experience chaos, frustration, guilt or regret?
  • You feel guilt and regret that you are not showing up at your best for your children nor doing your very best by them?

We’ve all been there.  The pain can be unbearable at times.  Sustained pain, guilt, and anxiety over our parenting can cause us to lose our bearings and ourselves completely.  Endless judging of ourselves and our children drains us and harms our children.

If your aim is to create a happy family, you must first learn to choose and then cultivate happiness for yourself.  As you practice the skill of cultivating happiness, you model a powerful message that we are each responsible for our own happiness–this is a profound gift to bequeath your children.  Children learn that happiness comes from within and is not dependent on our external circumstances.  

As you become happier:

  • Your energy increases.
  • Your resourcefulness and creativity for problem-solving increases.
  • You experience greater clarity of thought and become more efficient.
  • You are more loving and less fearful, more peaceful and less anxious.
  • You feel your best and are more resilient to the ups and downs of daily life.
  • You foster a natural and quiet confidence, rhythm, and knowing to your parenting.

This has direct impact on how you show up for and parent your children. The positive energy that you broadcast is absorbed by your family.

Through Our Work You Can Achieve:

  • Clarity on Parenting Goals:  Develop a clear and conscious intention and philosophy for your parenting and parenting goals.
  • Action Plan:  Identify and establish the steps necessary to develop the mindset and behaviors that you can employ day to day to achieve your parenting goals.
  • Ideal Parent Embodiment:  Discover and articulate your ideal version of yourself as a parent, then create a plan to help you live that ideal image beginning now.  Learn to embody the very qualities you wish to instill in your children.
  • Conscious Parenting:  Become aware of the beliefs and hidden fears stemming from your own parents’ cultures and dictums and other external influences.   Uncover patterns of parenting that are not serving you or your children.  
  • Rational Response:  Identify your trigger points–why and when your buttons get pushed and how to respond when they do.  Recognize fear-based reactions so that you can respond from a place of love, not anger.
  • Mindful Awareness:  Be in the moment without judging and reacting.  See your children as the blessing they are and not children who need to be fixed.  Learn to see their perfection so that they can see it in themselves.  
  • Peaceful Parenting:  Learn the basic underpinnings of the law of attraction and begin to experience it for yourself and your family.

You have the power to create greater happiness beginning now and to use that happiness as the keystone to be a more conscious and empowered parent.


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