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Both my brother and my sister have completed Spartan Races––a racing course that is comprised entirely of obstacles. The thrill and challenge of the sport are in overcoming these obstacles––and having fun in the process!

During training, the racers know that each obstacle conquered is building the perseverance, resilience, and endurance necessary to complete the course.

On racing day, the obstacles encountered are not a surprise. They are not viewed with fear or resentment nor as something to be avoided or somehow gotten around.

Instead, the participants run boldly toward the obstacles and attack them with vim and vigor. Each victory along the path is proving to themselves that they can accomplish more than they thought possible.

As I settle into a relatively quiet period in my life, I look back at some recent challenges in hopes to alchemize my journey into to something positive.

Going forward, one aspiration is to approach my life as my brother and sister approach Spartan Races:

* Train well - hone virtues of optimism, courage, and peace so that I can handle any challenge in life with grace, fortitude, and equanimity.
* Don’t be surprised or agitated when I encounter either internal or external obstacles - they are all part of the game of life.
* Face challenges head on and with an awareness that each obstacle cleared makes me stronger and grittier, and prepares me well for the next one.
* Have fun in the process!

Here is to honoring the little Spartan within each of us as we strive to live our lives as fearless warriors!! ––Spartan Up!