...to a new way of approaching your life and your goals.

We have all experienced the frustrations and difficulty of initiating or sustaining change in our lives when we are feeling dissatisfied, frustrated, bored, or stressed.

I help clients uncover patterns of thought and belief systems that prevent them from achieving the results that they are after. Clients learn the skill of cultivating happiness from within and use that happiness and renewed energy as the foundation for change. The experience is an enhanced quality to all aspects of their personal, professional, and spiritual lives. The result is achievement of whatever matters most to them.


Why Happiness?

  • Everything we do in life, whether we are conscious of it or not, is motivated by our desire for greater happiness. Despite our best efforts, few of us achieve the deep and enduring happiness for which we long.
  • Research now shows us that happiness makes us more motivated, creative, productive, resilient, and efficient in all areas of our lives.
  • The science is unequivocal: happiness is the precursor to success, not the other way around as we have been taught to believe!

I help clients get happy with their lives–right now–and then use that happiness as the catalyst for change.

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I have been in therapy for years and never have I experienced such profound change in such short measure as I have during my time with you.
I am astounded.

~Carla S.